Subject Index Of PAEI Models

Evolutionary/Ecological Theory

Holling, Crawford S. - Adaptive Cycle
Population Ecology
Riedl, Rupert - Order in Living Organisms

Business/Management Studies

Birnbaum, Bill - Strategic Thinking, A Four Piece Puzzle
Bridges, William - Transitions
Brill & Worth - Four Levers of Corporate Change
Duke Corporate Education - Stakeholder Styles
Fahey & Narayanan - Macroenvironmental Analysis
Garrison, B.R. - Plus 32 Employment Testing System
Ginsberg & Buchholtz - Styles of Entrepreneurs
Herrmann, Ned - Brain Dominance Instrument
Kaplan & Norton - The Balanced Scorecard
Karasek - Demand-Control Model of Job Stress
Mache, Chuck - Four Kinds of Sales People
Miller, Danny - The Icarus Paradox
Mourkogiannis, Nikos - Noble Purposes in Mission Statements
Porter, Michael - Four Competitive Strategies
Quinn, Robert E. - Competing Values Framework
Quinn, Robert E. - Corporate Cultures Framework
Woodward & Buchholz - Aftershock

Knowledge Management

Castillo, José - A Fourfold Typology of Tacit Knowledge
Cross et al. - Receipt of Information Benefits
Gray et al. - Exploration and Exploitation in Knowledge Management
Nonaka & Takeuchi - SECI, Ba and Knowledge Assets
Snowden, D. J. - Cynefin Sensemaking Framework

Decision Theory

Beach, Lee Roy - Image Theory and Decision-Making
Hill, Surdu & Pooch - Anticipatory Planning Support System
Lawless et al. - Organizational Uncertainty and Planning Tradeoffs
Rowe & Boulgarides - Decision Style Theory
Scott & Bruce - General Decision-Making Style (GDMS)
Slade, Stephen - The Interpersonal Model of Goal-Based Decision Making
Thompson, James D. - Decision-Making Strategies and Uncertainty
Weick, Karl - Action & Belief-Driven Sensemaking
Zack, Michael H. - Information Framing and Uncertainty

Social & Organizational Studies

Arrow, Berdahl & McGrath - Group Formation & Club Theory
Baines & Gelder - Self-Employment Work-Styles
Burrell & Morgan - Sociological Paradigms & Organizational Analysis
Durkheim, Emile - Social Solidarity and Suicide
Fiske, Alan - The Four Elementary Forms of Human Relations
Foa, Uriel G. - Resource Theory
Lawrence & Nohria - Four-Drive Theory of Human Nature
Mella, Piero - Types of Combinatory Systems
Parsons, Talcott - A.G.I.L. Functional Imperatives for Social Systems
Perrow, Charles - Normal Accident Theory
Pratt & Foreman - Managing Organizational Identities

Existential Psychology

Apter, Michael J. - Reversal Theory
Bandura, Albert - Agency and Self-Efficacy
Endler & Parker - CISS – Coping Inventory for Stressful Situations
Forgas, Joseph P. - Affect Infusion Model
Lewis, Michael - Self-Conscious Evaluative Emotions
Luft & Ingham - The Johari Window
Reiss & Havercamp - Sixteen Fundamental Desires
Ryff et al. - Paths of Adult Development
Sternberg, Robert J. - Theory of Mental Self-Government
Wehmeyer et al. - A Functional Model of Self-Determination
Weiner, B. - Attribution and Achievement Motivation

Personality Psychology

Arnold, Magda - Story Imports in the Thematic Aptitude Test
Austin & Deary - The “Four A’s” Model of Personality Disorders
Block, Jack - Personality as an Affect Processing System
Briggs Myers, Isabel - Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
Cloninger, C. Robert - Biosocial Theory of Personality
Dunn, Winnie - Dunn's Model of Sensory Processing
Kiesler, D.J. - The Interpersonal Force Field
Leary, Timothy - Interpersonal Circle Model of Personality
Miller, Allen - A Synthesis of Personality Typologies
Nash, William P. - Personality as Information Gating
Ortet et al. - Factors of the Karolinska Scales of Personality
Siever, L.J. - Biological Response Styles
TRACOM Group - Social Styles Model

Popular Psychology

Berens, Linda - The Four Temperament Patterns
Hately & Schmidt - Birds of Different Feathers
Maddron, Tom - Living Your Colors
Merril & Reid - The CAPS Model of Personal Styles
Miller, Marlane - Brain Styles
Scantling, Sandra - Sexual Styles


Gregorc, Anthony - The Mind Styles Model
Honey & Mumford - Learning Styles
Kolb, David A. - Experiential Learning Theory
Nadler et al. - Four Models for Learning Negotiation Skills
Nideffer, Robert - Attentional & Personal Style
Polya, George - Mathematical Discovery
Reid, Brigid - Mutual Dependence of Challenge and Support
Silver et al. - Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

Philosophy, Religion & Historical

The Four Beginnings of Confucianism
The Four Cardinal Virtues
The Gunas and the Yogas
Hippocrates & Galen - The Four Humors
King, Thomas M. - Jung's Four and Some Philosophers
O’Connell, Sean - Reason and Ethics
Pepper, Stephen - Four World Hypotheses
Ruiz, Don Miguel - The Four Agreements
Sanskrit Literary Theory and the Four Goals of Life

Language, Arts & Media

Aristotle - Rhetorical Appeals
Arndt & Janney - InterGrammar
Burke, Kenneth - Social Order and the Pentad
Driven & Verspoor - A Cognitive Typology of Speech Acts
Greatbatch & Clark - Discourse Functions of Humour
Lang & von Harbou - Metropolis (film)
Loomis & Saltz - Artistic Types
Phillips & Huntley - Dramatica

Computer Science & Engineering

Bose & Matthews - Agent Mediated Dynamic Coordination Policies
Coates et al. - Operational Design Coordination
Lesser, Victor R. - Multi-Agent Coordination
Mitola; Neel et al. - Interacting Cognitive Radios
Peña-Reyes, Carlos A. - Parameters of Fuzzy Inference
Shin, Lee & Min - The Code Size Optimization Problem
Si Alhir, Sinan - Model Views of the Unified Modelling Language
Sims et al. - Organizational Design and Instantiation
Types of Programming
Verhagen & Kummeneje - Adjustably Autonomous Agents & Decision Making


Capitanio, John - Personality Dimensions in Adult Male Rhesus Macaques
Glassman, Robert - Topology, Graph Theory & the Magic Number Four in Neuroscience
Gray & McNaughton - The Neuropsychology of Anxiety
Hasler et al. - Dimensions of OCD Symptoms
Martin, Blumenfeld - Four Parallel Channels through the Basal Ganglia
Mitrofanis, J. - Zona Incerta
Sinnamon, H. M. - Mesencephalic Locomotor Region
Swanson, Larry - Vertical Systems from Spine to Cortex
Van der Werf et al. - Midline Thalamic Nuclei
Zelazo et al. - Executive Functioning as Problem-Solving

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