Maddron, Tom - Living Your Colors

The Structure of Concern Project compares many theoretical models from many disciplines to the Adizes PAEI model, arguing that they must all be reflecting the same underlying phenomenon. One concern structure model is described below.

Tom Maddron has developed a popularized version of temperament theory with roots in the MBTI and the writings of Keirsey and Bates (Maddron, 2002). In PAEI order, the styles are:

P – Orange: Freedom, action, sensation, hands-on, independent, energetic, impulsive
A – Green: Rationality, objectivity, logic, data-based, analytical, indecisive, respectful
E – Blue: Authenticity, honesty, empathy, enthusiastic, insightful, creative, romantic
I – Gold: Service, responsibility, order, giving, recognition, loyalty, commitment

Maddron describes the styles in more detail including positive and negative aspects of each and how all four interact in a person’s psychological profile. He also discusses color dynamics on the job, within intimate relationships and in families between parents and children.

1. Maddron, T. (2002). Living your colors: Practical wisdom for life, love, work and play. New York: Warner Books Inc.
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